We have used Tanzanian cocoa beans to create our base for over 10 years now. A special fermentation process produces an extremely high quality of cocoa bean – world-class, in fact – which affords a unique flavour pattern to our basic milk and dark chocolate. These Tanzanian beans are inspected at the port of Antwerp by myself and Luc Rooms of Barry Callebaut, before being delivered to the factory to be turned into chocolate using Visser’s very own recipe.

All processes are scrupulously monitored by us – from bean to chocolate.

About the chef

At Visser chocolate we look to chocolate in a different way. Through my training and experience as a chef I find working with chocolate a bit more exciting. Chocolate with a fresh drop of a super fruit?  Chocolate with a caramel extinguished with vinegar and a pinch of fleur de sel? It makes the flavors wider. More unexpected. It changes a bonbon into a mini dish with a special experience. Food pairing with first class ingredients from all over the world are our points of departure.

Frank Visser

Frank Visser

Want to sell Visser products?

We are constantly looking for new outlets for our high-quality chocolate and ice cream products. This can be done via a franchise module or as a B2B customer.

If you are interested in being a part of the Visser family, and you want your customers to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED, send us an email via this link. We will contact you to discuss the options.

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